Single Level Example

Single Level Bill of Materials

A single level bill of materials is easier to understand, its like a straightforward shopping list of all the parts used in a construction. Unfortunately if it used to construct a bill of materials it can be prone to errors, except from the simplest of assemblies. A single level bill of materials can be automatically generated from a multi level bill of materials, but not vice versa.

From our trolley example, a bill of materials is listed below:

LevelPart NoDescriptionGroupUnitQTYWaste %Ext QTY
1120-001Trolley, 3 wheeledAssyEA1.00000.00001.0000
 2111-006Varnish, Semi GlossPRL0.05000.10000.0501
 2110-001Side PiecePartEA2.00000.00002.0000
 2105-001MS Flat 80×8RMM0.75005.00000.0525
 2102-108Wheel, with tyre, 100mmPartEA3.00000.00001.0000
 2100-001MS Bolt, M10x70, GalvFastEA3.00000.00001.0000
 2100-002M10, washer, GalvFastEA6.00000.00002.0000
 2100-003M10, Nut, GalvFastEA9.00000.00003.0000
 2100-004MS Bolt, M10x30, GalvFastEA3.00000.00001.0000
 2100-005M10 Square NutFastEA3.00000.00001.0000

If you see from the example above, it is a lot harder and slower to change the bill of materials should the quantity change from a three wheel to a four wheel design, compared to the multi level bill of materials example. Also to change from a three to four wheel design it is much easier to make a mistake.