ROBO Bill of Materials Software

ROBO Bill of Materials Software

ROBO Bill of materials is a software program designed to be easy to use with a straightforward, no nonsense interface. By having a simplistic user friendly design, the software is easy to master and saves you time by getting the software up and running quicker.

The key benefits of the software are:

  • Easy Learning curve, through easy understand design
  • Much easier to use than Excel Templates
  • Fast, easy database manipulation
  • Reasonably priced

The key features of the software:

  • Detailed Inventory
  • Information on stock levels & reorder levels
  • Search for where parts are used
  • Create, edit, duplicate & delete bills of materials
  • Add incoming stock
  • Create detailed reports with inventory or bill of materials information

ROBO Bill of Materials is priced at $US199.00 for the first copy + $US149.00 for extra copies. The software is available approx May 2012.