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Tip of the month - orphaned parts

I was having a conversation with an ex-work coleague recently, and as we both had experience using the same software, it was a while since we were there, and I showed him ROBO Bill of Materials.

As we had both left the company a long time ago and gone our different ways, the question came up "what are orphaned parts?".

A orphaned part is a bit of an oddity, like an orphan it has no parent. This in manufacturing terms means a part that is not used in any assembly, and is just sitting in the store gathering dust. It may be slowing deteriorating, taking up valuable space and is not going anywhere in a hurry. It is also maybe an asset that cannot be easily sold.

Some of the companies I worked for over the years had orphaned parts, and some of these assets were quite valuable at the time (a VCR recorder), yet others may be insignificantly priced items which will eventually be used up. To achieve success orphaned parts are best kept to an absolute minimum as they are a drain on the company assets.

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