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Tip of the month - part no. structure

As my Mother-in-law would say "preparation is the key to success", this actually is a rare good bit of advice when structuring your part no's for your inventory.

With many part no's having similar properties it would only make sense to group these items together. As many part numbers have a prefix and a suffix (some also have an intermediate no.) it would make sense to lump these part no.s together.

For Example

  • All the assemblies might start with the 100 prefix e.g. 100-004,100-005, etc
  • All the fasteners might start with the 120 prefix e.g. 120-001,120-003, etc
  • All the wiring might start with the 145 prefix e.g. 145-006,145-007, etc

bill of materials

With ROBO Bill of Materials it is possible to have this setup to enter only part no's in the correct format only.

Please revisit this webpage next month for more great tips.

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