Populating the Inventory

Populating a database for a new inventory can be a mammoth task. With many small business inventories typically in the range of 3000-15000 items, creating an inventory is no small task. Each individual item requires enough information to identify the part and its attributes. When this task per item is multiplied by the size of the database there is an incredible amount of work required in entering in each part into the inventory. While adding new parts from time to time would not create a major problem, adding a new large number of parts is a headache.
When setting up a new software package for bill of materials fortunately there is an easier way than re-entering part numbers. By importing a CSV (comma Separated Value) file, this can greatly reduce the amount of work involved. A CSV file can be created by exporting a spreedsheet of database. The columns need to match the format for the importing dialog box for the bill of material software.

bill of materials

With ROBO Bill of Materials this is easily done, as the dialog box presents the user with a list of the the inventory fields, the formats and whether this is mandatory or not. It is also possible to print out a copy of the inventory fields if required.

Updating Quanties With the quantities for any part no. constantly changing, when doing a stocktake there is a requirement to change a large no. of quantities at the same time. Sometimes stock can be damaged, lost or even stolen and this needs to be reflected in the inventory.

bill of materials

With ROBO Bill of Materials again this is easily done, where the part no's can be entered in any order and the quantities adjusted.

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