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Paul Roberts

Hi all, I'm Paul Roberts the author of this website, and the developer of the Bill of Materials software.

My experience goes back a long way with bill of materials. With a mechanical draughting background, my first experience with bills of materials was with New Zealand Railways with developing working drawings on a drawing board. On each assembly drawing we would then make a list of all the materials on the drawing. It was slow going and prone to errors, but at the time in the pre office computer era, that's all I knew.

My new job involved working drawings with a private company manufacturing fire appliances and buses. In addition to producing mechanical drawings I was involved with the constructing and maintaining the bill of materials for the company. I was fascinated by the logical tree structure of how the bill of material (BOM) was constructed, in particular how easy it was to keep this up to date with the necessary production changes.

After this job finished I travelled overseas for two years, and returned to New Zealand. Whilst being out of work I learned how to program a computer, and one project I attempted was a bill of materials software package. At the time my skills were woefully inadequate, and I gave up very easily.

My next job again bought me back into the manufacturing environment, and again I was dealing with bills of materials. Once again I enjoyed the draughting and the estimating of products. This bill of materials package we were using was different, we had multiple users and was more of a MRP solution. The products themselves were different being smaller electrical products, but so many different products and variations. Again I was captivated by the software, and the interaction between the different users on the software and how this helped a lot in the running of the company.

As my programming skills developed considerably since this time, after leaving this job I again rekindled my dream of writing a bill of materials application. It was quite tough going, starting out from sketching out the design on paper on the train to and from work. From here I persisted and over time, finished the ROBO Bill of Materials software program.

I noticed there wasn't a lot on the Internet on constructing bills of materials, so this is why this website has been developed.

Thanks to all those who have contacted me, and thanking me for this website, I really am thankful.

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